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    Reviews of Delightful Tofu Cooking

    “With all the recent research showing the health benefits of estrogen-packed tofu for menopausal women, Delightful Tofu Cooking belongs on the bookshelf of every woman in America. It’s a treasury of healthy, delectable treats…. a boon to anyone with little time, a health-conscious mind, and a sense of adventure.”
      ~ Dr. Anne A. Mini
    “Thanks to Tie, cooking with tofu is not only delightfully simple, but also delicious. And it is not only just for Asian cooking anymore. It’s for Italian, Lebanese, Cajun, French, and even Mexican. And for a guy like me with little time, I can put an impressive meal on the table fast.”
      ~ Richard Middlebrook - weekend gourmet and avid eater
    “ It’s healthy, delicious, adventurous and easy, making simplicity a reality for people who want eating to be a sublime experience.”
      ~ Lisa Sassi - RN

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