Delightful Cookbooks by Eng Tie Ang

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    Reviews of Delightful Thai Cooking

    “If you tried the recipes, you know they’re workable, dependable and decidedly flavorful. That seems to be Eng Tie Ang’s forte. We at Chile Pepper are fortunate to have on hand Delightful Thai Cooking - and we don’t hesitate for a moment to recommend it. It may seem early in the year to start Christmas shopping, but Eng Tie Ang’s cookbooks would make an enviable stocking stuffer – for an entire family.”
      ~ Sharon Hudgins - food editor - Chile Pepper magazine
    “A fun cookbook. The food ranges from interesting to exotic and is always delicious.”
      ~ David Keene - hard working guy with little time for cooking
    “Tie’s quick and easy recipes have been successful time after time in my kitchen. Her cookbooks have given me confidence in my culinary ability as well as a love for cooking!”
      ~ Lynn Smith - a former cooking class student

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