Delightful Cookbooks by Eng Tie Ang

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    Reviews of Delightful Chinese Cooking

    “I have had the pleasure of cooking and eating many of the dishes in this book and can say what a treat it is to have a book with so many authentic, quick and easy recipes. Hooray Tie and lucky us!”
      ~ Rose Rentz - Chef and Former Restaurateur
    “What a wonderful cookbook full of traditional Chinese recipes made quick and easy and with special care and consideration given to health concerns. This book is a must.”
      ~ Kang Siu Tjen - Cooking Instructor and Dietary Technician
    “I was a stranger in the kitchen until I began to explore these easy and delicious recipes. I was inspired to buy my first wok and have lost weight now that I'm eating a much healthier - not to mention happier - diet. Tie explained it all and made the mystery of how to cook healthy food easily digestible. Her cookbooks have set me free in the kitchen."
      ~ Angel Leigh McCoy - a former cooking class student

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