Delightful Cookbooks by Eng Tie Ang

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    Reviews of Delightful Brazilian Cooking

    “Just as she did in her first book, Delightful Thai Cooking, Eng Tie Ang delights and entices us with the exotic tastes of another land-her adopted homeland, Brazil…an authentic cozinha do povo ‘people’s cookery’ – spicy and robust..the results are delicious.”
      ~ Jonathan Susskind - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    “This is a complete, practical and fun cookbook that will widen your creativity in the kitchen. The recipes are very authentic, quick and easy to follow and the results are always delicious.”
      ~ Carla Ferreira - Food Consultant
    “Tie’s trademark characteristic…..the dishes are traditional and simple to prepare and delicious to eat."
      ~ Dr. Mary Lou - a former cooking class student

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